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Congratulations! You are graduating in the near future. Your views on your academic experience at UCO are important to us. Please respond to the following questions. The demographic information is asked so we can focus on issues related to specific student groups. A space for written comments is provided. This is a voluntary survey but we depend on your responses to make changes at UCO and create a better university for all students. If you choose not to participate in this survey you may click on this link and go immediately to the application. Your responses are very much appreciated.
Instructions: Please respond to the following questions by marking the best response.
Demographic information...
In what semester do you plan to graduate:  
I am graduating from the College of:  
My gender is:  
The primary source I used for academic advisement was:  
General Information
I am graduating as:  
After graduation I plan to:  
On average how many hours per week were you employed on campus during your senior year?  
On average how many hours per week were you employed off campus during your senior year?  
Mark all the following campus services you have used on a monthly basis...  
Through my experience at UCO I:
have expanded my foundation for effective citizenship  
have gained a better understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity  
have expanded my perspective on global problems and issues  
have had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills  
have had the opportunity to be involved in research, creative, cultural, or scholarly activities  
have had the opportunity to participate in service learning projects  
had a positive environment for my personal development  
had rigorous courses  
had classroom settings conducive to learning  
used lab equipment and technology that met my academic needs  
My studies at UCO have prepared me...
to think and reason as a problem-solver  
to listen and understand  
to gather, organize and apply information efficiently  
to write clearly, logically and effectively  
to make effective oral presentations  
to use computer applications for work tasks  
to work in groups  
to develop original ideas  
for graduate or professional study in my major field  
for a career related position  
My overall perspective of the campus is that...
UCO has provided a quality educational program in my major field  
I would recommend UCO to a friend  
I feel safe on the UCO campus  
If I had it to do over, I would choose UCO  
I want to come back to UCO as an Alumni for:  

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